Sanpiero Restaurant

the Zakynthian beauty on a plate

Taste and experience

Where the salty breeze of the Ionian Sea caresses the beautiful shore of Laganas Bay, Zakynthos Island, under the bright Mediterranean sun, there one will find Sanpiero Restaurant, a culinary epicentre where the exquisiteness of the food served can be rivalled solely by the relaxing view. A family business with many years of experience and unanimous praise from its clients, Sanpiero is consistently awarded with the Traveller’s Choice distinction and boasts of a wine and beer collection not to be found anywhere else on the island.

Μemories of gustatory delights

Our restaurant is open all day long, with free parking for its guests, and serves brunch, lunch and dinner, with excellent choices from the Greek and the Italian traditional cuisine. Enjoy the beauty of the scenery while presenting yourself with a scrumptious gift of unparalleled taste. Sanpiero – the Zakynthian beauty on a plate.

Sanpiero Restaurant is located on the beautiful beach of Laganas.

Laganas is probably the most popular resort of Zakynthos Island, visited by countless tourists each year. The becalming sound of the waves accompanies you for the duration of your meal or your drink, and the pleasure of swimming in the turquoise waters is but a few steps away. The restaurant offers sunbeds to our guests – so that the charming sea comes even closer.

Years of experience

Vast variety of “liquid gold”

All beer lovers know that beer is one of the oldest beverages in the history of humanity, and nowadays we have the good fortune to be able to taste many different variations of our beloved drink. So why settle with just one type, and especially while on vacation? The Sanpiero owners are of the same mind, and offer their visitors a vast variety of liquid gold to choose from.


Different types

of beer



Eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, hash brown, toast, butter, jam, orange juice, coffe or tea


Traditional bread, eggs in tomato sauce, feta cheese, salami, village sausage, olives, honey, tahini, orange juice, Greek coffee or tea

Croque madame

Eggs Benedict

French Toast

Sanpiero breakfast (for 2)


Toast, cheese, ham, boiled egg, butter, jam, honey, orange juice, coffee or tea

Ham and cheese toast

Beans on toast

Milk with cereals

Scrambled eggs

Mushrooms, tomato

Butter croissant with scrambled eggs

Mushrooms, tomato

Classic omelet

Cheese, turkey

Omelet of choise

Turkey, cheese, bacon, ham +1€
Mushroom, tomato, onion, pepper +0.50€

Special croissant

Cream, chocolate, red fruit

Fruit salad


Cheese, Turkey, mayonnaisse

Cheese, bacon, 1000 islands sauce

Chocolate, red fruit

Cream cheese, smoked salmon

Honey, yogurt

Chocolate, biscuits

Banana, peanut butter

Butter, strawberry, mapple syrup

Coffe and beverages

Espresso / lugo / ristretto

Double espresso

Espresso machiatto

with milk

Espresso americano

Espresso correto

10 ml sambuca

Espresso affogato

Double espresso with ice cream

Freddo espresso


Cappuccino double

Latte cappuccino

Freddo cappuccino

Greek coffee

Double greek coffee

Filtered coffee

Hot nes coffee


Frappe with ice cream

Frappe with bailey's

Irish coffee

Hot chocolate

Chocolate vienua

Cold chocolate


Chocolate, strawberry, vanilia, oreo

Coca cola

Coca cola light

Coca cola zero


Fanta orange

Fanta lemon



χταπόδι, μύδια, καλαμάρι, σαρδέλα ψητή

Soda water

Ice tea

Lemon, peach, green


Orange, pineapple, apple, cranberry, lemon, banana

Fresh juice

Orange, lemon

Red Bull

Water 0.5 L

Water 1 L



Orange, multi vitamin

Home made lemonade



Strawberry, banana


Buns cover charge per person


Cheese and bacon chips

Jacket potato

Hash browns

Garlic bread

Cheesy garlic bread


Feta cheese Bruschetta

Feta grilled cheese with honey and sesame seeds

Chicken nuggets

Homemade meatballs

Villagers fine sausages

Tzatziki (served with pita bread)

Beetroot salad

Fried aubergine rolls stuffed with cheese and tomato sauce

Grilled talagani cheese served with tomato jam

Grilled haloumi cheese

Shrimp saganaki with tomato sauce and topped with feta cheese

Marinated anchovies

Fried anchovies

Grilled octopus


Greek salad

Tomato, cucumber, onion, rusk, feta cheese

Caesar's original

Lettuce, bacon, chicken, parmesan cheese

Sanpiero special

Lettuce, avocado, onion, gorgonzola cheese

Green salmon salad

Spinach, dill, smoked salmon

Potato salad

Tomato, bacon, mushroom, onion, mayo

Pasta salad

Tomato, parsley, ham, cheese,1000 islands dressing


Club sandwich

Cheese, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo

Chicken Club sandwich

Chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce, philadelphia cheese

Pita Gyros

Pork or chicken



Pizza of your Choice

Meat or cheese +1€
Vegetable or fruit +0.5€
Chicken, ham, turkey, bacon, pepperoni, onion, pepper, mushroom, olive, fresh tomato, feta cheese, gorgonzola cheese, parmesan, chips, pineapple, BBQ sauce, sweet chilli sauce, rocket, philadelphia cheese


Classic Burger

100% beef mince, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, tomato sauce

Chicken Burger

Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, parmesan cheese, mayo

Egg - Topped Burger

100% beef mince, lettuce, tomato, egg, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, tomato sauce

Αmerican BBQ Burger

100% beef mince, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce

Vegan Burger

Vegetable burger, mushroom, lettuce, tomato, tomato sauce

Sanpiero special

100% beef mince, rocket, honey mustard, mushroom, caramelized onions, gorgonzola cheese


Linguine with meatballs

Basil pesto

Chicken and mushroom

Spinach and smoked salmon

Gnocchi with tomato & mozzarella


garlic, olives, cherry tomatoes, feta, parsley, capers, olive oil


shrimps, mussels, tomato sauce

Greek dishes

Greek moussaka in the clay pot

Layered sliced aubergines and potatoes with mince sauce and topped with light bechamel sauce


Stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice

Greek style beef stew in tomato sauce


Beef and onion stew

Beef Stamna

Beef in the clay pot in tomato sauce , potatoes, vegetables and cheese

On the grill

Grilled burgers

Grilled chicken fillet

Chicken fillet served with sauce

With cream and mushroom, Curry sauce, Pepper sauce

Pork chop with roast potatoes and mashed carrot puree

Beef steak

With Grilled chicken, tomato and cheese

Gyros portion

Pork or chicken

Beef T-Bone

Chicken schnitzel

Honey Glazed Pork fillet with feta cheese

Pork schnitzel

Meat variety

Beef burger, sausage, grilled chicken and pork

Seafood - Fish

Fresh grilled bream

Fresh grilled salmon fillet

Fried sole

Crispy fried squid (calamari)

Grilled sardines

Seafood variety

Octopus, mussels, squid, grilled sardines and grilled shrimps

Fresh fish under request (kg)


Panna cotta


Chocolate souffle

Ice cream

Fruit salad


Lager Beers

Small glass 250ml

Big glass 500ml

Chios fresh beer 330ml

Mythos 500ml

Amstel 500ml

Amstel free 500ml

Heineken 500ml

Bud 330ml

Amstel radler 500ml

Kaiser pilsner 500ml


Alfa weiss 500ML

Erdinger 500ml

Paulaner weiss 500ml


Fix dark 330 ml

Guinness 440ml

Gulden draak 330 ml

Voreia stout 330 ml

Chios smoked robust porter


John smith 500ml

McFarland 330 ml

Mexican Beers

Corona 355ml

Desperandos 330ml

India Pale Ale

Voreia i.p.a. 330ml

Trappist (monastery beer)

La trappe dubbel 330ml

La trappe quadrupel 330ml

Chimay blue 330ml


Coca cola

Coca cola Light

Coca cola zero


Fanta orange

Fanta lemon

Ice tea

lemon, peach, green



Soda water


Orange, pineapple, apple, cranberry, lemon, banana

Fresh juice

orange, lemon

Red bull

Water 0,5L

Water 1L



πορτοκάλι, multi vitamin

Home made lemonade



strawberry, banana


Moschofilero Boutari

Malagouzia Gerovasileiou

Paraga Kir Gianni

Ktima Vivlia Chora Plagios

Ktima Vivlia Chora Ovilos

Goustolidi Grampsa

Alegro Grampsa

Verdea, Solomos

Calliniko (semi/sweet)


Syrah, Avantis

Kanenas, Tsantali

Mikros Vorias Rouvali

Riza tou Vounou, Grampsa

Hliou fos, Grampsa (sweet)

Syrah, Neratzi

Callinico (semi/sweet)


Delear, Semeli

Sun rose, Grampsa

House wine


Per kilo

1/2 kilo

Special cocktails


Vodka or gin, martini dry

Apple martini

Vodka, apple liqueur, lime


Campari, martini, soda water

Pina colada

Pornstar martini

Vodka, passoa, vanilla syrop, apple juice

Long island ice tea

Rum, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec, cola

Espresso martini

Vodka, coffe liquer, espresso

Martini royale

Dry martini, prosecco, lime, mint

Negroni / White negroni

Campari, martini, gin/suze, gin, vermut

Frozen daquiry

Peach, passion fruit, strawberry, mango, melon

Tentura passion

Tentura, lime, ginger beer

Mojito / strawberry / melon

Rum, lime, mint flavor syrop

Caipirinha / caipiroska

Vodka, lime

Sagria blanc

Gin, st.germain, moschato d' asti

Eastern rose

Vanilla vodka, moschato, chambord, lime

Brandy alexander

Brandy, creme de cacao. creme

El burro / moscow mule

Tequila, ginger beer, vodka

Strawberry kiss

Vodka, strawberry liquer, orange, moschato


Gin, creme de mure, lime

Perfect G&T

Gin, tonic



Sex on the beach

Tequila Sunrise

Cuba Libre




Tiki cocktails


Rum, cherry brandy, passion, pineapple, lime, orange

Mai Tai

Rum, orange, almond, lime

Bahama Mama

Rum, coffee liquer, lemon, pineapple

Χωρίς αλκοόλ

Virgin Mojito

Fruit Punch

Fresh lemon juice

Sanpiero is almost daily honoured with praising reviews from its guests.

The people who strive to offer the best to their clients feel always richly rewarded from every positive feedback. And indeed, Sanpiero is almost daily honoured with praising reviews from its guests! Not many businesses hold a 4,7/5 score in Google or 5/5 score in Tripadvisor – not to mention the consecutive winning of the Traveller’s Choice Award, the last of which was given to Sanpiero Restaurant in 2020. We are truly overjoyed and delighted with this fantastic feedback, and we aim tirelessly at living up to your expectations!


Άψογη εξυπηρέτηση, φιλικό περιβάλλον, πολύ καλές τιμές, με πολύ καλή ποιότητα προϊόντων! Νόστιμα φαγητα και γευστικά κοκτέιλ. Το καλύτερο στον Λαγανά με διαφορά!! Το προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα! Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!!

Μαρία Γ24 Ιουλίου 2020

Ωραία ατμόσφαιρα, εύγευστο φαγητό, άριστη εξυπηρέτηση! Επίσης διαθέτουν αρκετές επιλογές για κοκτέιλ!

Μαρίτα13 Αυγούστου 2020

Πολύ καλό φαγητό, πλούσιος κατάλογος, πολύ ωραία εμφάνιση και γεύση στα πιάτα, μεγάλες μερίδες, οικονομικό. Καθαρό, ευγενικό προσωπικό, χαμογελαστό, ωραία μουσική, τέλεια θέα, λίγα μόλις βήματα από τον πολύβουο Λαγανά. Θα ξαναπάω σίγουρα.

Angeliki X15 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

Από που να ξεκινήσω, οι δωρεάν ξαπλώστρες δεν είναι τίποτα μπροστά στην πανδαισία αρωμάτων και γεύσεων που είχαν τα πιάτα του! Εξαιρετική σχέση ποιότητας και αξίας! Όσο για τα κοκτέιλ, υπερπαραγωγή! Εξαιρετικό προσωπικό, ιδιαίτερα η Μαριεττα μας πρόσεξε σαν να μας ήξερε χρόνια! Το συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα!

John Z07 Ιουλίου 2019

Πολύ καλό φαγητό, πλούσιος κατάλογος, πολύ ωραία εμφάνιση και γεύση στα πιάτα, μεγάλες μερίδες, οικονομικό. Καθαρό, ευγενικό προσωπικό, χαμογελαστό, ωραία μουσική, τέλεια θέα, λίγα μόλις βήματα από τον πολύβουο Λαγανά. Θα ξαναπάω σίγουρα.

Angeliki X15 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

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